A fan watches the demonstration during the Dayton Airshow, June 21, 2015, at Dayton, Ohio. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Rachel Maxwell)

The goal and purpose of the Utah USAFA Parent’s Club is to support and help our cadets and cadet families through the USAFA experience. There is not another educational institution that can begin to rival what our cadets will both learn and experience from the Academy. There are also those pitfalls, “dark days,” and information you will need to help you on your way – that’s why we are here! We are like one big family.

Because we are a very small non-profit group, we depend on your Tax-Deductible membership donation, of $100 (or more), which helps provide the many gifts, cards, postage and/or delivery, and many other functions throughout the entire four years your Cadet is at the Academy. This is vital to our existence!

To keep your information current in our database, it is imperative to have updated and accurate information on file. Please fill out the Membership Application, either online or download to send by mail.

Thank you for your kindness, generosity and support!

MEMBERSHIP FORM (download and mail in)


 We will gladly accept your Membership Fee or Donation through PayPal.